Steel Entry Doors : 2014 Highest ROI

It is hard to believe that replacing a single item in a home could have such an enormous effect on our pocketbooks. After a little research, I found that installing steel entry doors have a vast array of benefits ranging from increased home security to doubled insulation to durability.

According to Cost vs. Value in 2014,  steel entry doors generated a 96.6% return on investment. That’s an 11% increase from 2013. Although these types of doors are not cheap (average around $1100), they are one of the only home upgraded that provide almost the entire return on investment.

SECURITY:    Steel entry doors are extremely hard to penetrate. Therefore, the amount of security they provide against home intrusions are priceless.

INSULATION:   Upon installation, steel doors are coupled with a polyurethane foam core which provides twice the insulation as a regular wood door. This polyurethane guarantees to keep all of the homes cooling or warming inside instead of seeping through the unprotected seems between the door frames. This means savings on electricity bills and a smile on many faces.

DURABILITY:   Because these types of doors do not rot, warp, shrink or sag, there is very little maintenance or need for replacement. This makes the life of  steel entry doors long lasting and well worth the money.

Due to it’s many advantages,  steel entry doors continue to contribute to the most important requirements in a home improvement project: security, savings and durability.

Flooring That Repels Monsoon Moisture and Flooding

In the next few days, we are going to experience the aftermath of another hurricane.  After last weeks flurry of unbelievable flood damage,we need to be prepared. A good place to start is proper flooring. This is especially good if you have a basement that has potential for flooding and/or retains moisture from outside elements.

The first and most important thing to look for is tile density. The higher the percentage the more moisture it absorbs.

Non Vitreous – 7% or more

Semi Vitreous- 3 – 7%

Vitreous – .5 – 3%

Impervious – .001 – .5%

The examples above should give you somewhat of a starting place when it comes to which tile to choose. The bottom two are the best choices for indoor flooring as far as repelling water and moisture. Make sure to waterproof seal all grout to double the protection. Good luck and happy tiling!

Rainy days don’t make me blue!

Ah yes. Another well deserved rainy day in Arizona. I was hoping we would get a few more of these before the weather skyrocketed back up to 100 degrees!

As I relaxed in the lounge chair I had wedged into the corner of my covered patio deck, I reached for my drink and enjoyed the storm.  The smell of the rain or watching the  lightening splinter across the sky, are things that I just can’t get from my living room.

Hmmm, I’m thinking a small jacuzzi might fit if I center it just right. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself….

Arizona Storms!

Hello McCurdy Construction faithful!  These past few days in the Phoenix area have been wild as far as the weather goes.  I was in Phoenix at one of our job sites the day “the storm” hit.  Wind was blowing ferociously and the rain was coming down hard.  Apparently this was mild compared to other parts of our valley of the sun!  I am sure at least some of us have some storm damage to talk about and I would imagine that more than a few roofs gave way to mother nature.  After your roof is fixed and you need to have your home drywall repaired, give us a call.  We can also handle any of your homes exterior storm damage as well.  McCurdy Construction is a full service home remodel and repair company.  If your home needs a fix, give us a shout!   Mike will be happy to take care of any of your homes woes.

Drywall Matters

Good evening all.  I was at a property today working on drywall and it occurred to me how important drywall and texture or the lack of texture is to the look of our homes.  I have spoken to many homeowners that have wanted to redecorate or paint the interior of their homes and were putting off the work because of intimidation by their lack of knowledge about how to repair drywall or because they thought that their drywall repair would be too expensive.  Well I am here tonight to let you know that most repairs and texture of drywall can be done very easily with some practice or can be handled by a competent professional rather inexpensively.  Drywall settling cracks, electrician or plumber holes and pet damage are the most common drywall repairs that we see.  No matter what the texture, they can all be fixed.  Give us a call and we can take care of any drywall issue your home may have and get your redecoration on track to getting done!  Remember, we can handle all phases of you remodel and the biggest step is the first call to get started!  Call us and lets make it happen together!

Investors and House Flippers

Are you looking for a Construction Company to use for your first or next property flip?  Are you ready to take the plunge and do some real estate investing?  Are you being held back because of your lack of an honest General Contractor to efficiently manage your investment project?  McCurdy Construction has the knowledge and experience to get your project finished within budget and on schedule!  Mike is putting his extensive home remodel expertise to work with investors and property flippers.  We are currently facilitating rehab on a property in Tempe as well as a property in Phoenix.  McCurdy Construction aided these two clients with design ideas, obtained the necessary permits as well as building and managing the clients projects.  Give Mike a call to come take a look at what we are doing for these clients as well as to discuss what we can do for you and your projects in the future!

Need your drywall repaired?

Are you tired of looking at the settling cracks in your drywall?  Whether your home has settling cracks in the ceiling or walls, we can fix them for you!  McCurdy Construction can take care of those pesky cracks at a much more affordable cost than you might think.

Worried about how the repair will blend in after the repair?  Don’t be!  We can expertly match and blend the texture of the repair to look invisible even if you know the repair is there.

We can also come back the next day and paint the repair for you if you would like.  Contact Mike who can typically give you a free quote over the phone for your drywall repair needs!