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3 Huge Benefits of Having Wood Floors

3 Health Benefits of Wood Flooring:   Many people may not know that wood flooring can actually increase the type of healthy living environment they strive to achieve inside their home. In fact, wood flooring is a life saver for those who suffer from allergies. Unlike synthetic flooring, hard surface flooring does not enable harmful […]

Cost vs Value 2015-Top ROI Remodeling Projects

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]There have been enormous changes in the last year regarding which remodeling projects are the most beneficial to your wallet. Looking through the list on Cost vs Value 2015 and comparing it to 2014, it seems that only 3 projects still produce the highest ROI. Topping that list once again, is a […]

Contemporary, Modern and Traditional Style Designs

At a glance, it may look as though some of the features in the Contemporary, Modern and Traditional design categories are similar. In fact, there are many differences between the three, and I’m going to help you differentiate between them. Modern  design is era specific. Usually any type of design between 1920-1970 is considered modern. […]

Benefits of Remodeling With An Interior Designer

Interior Designers will no doubt help you save you an immense amount of time, money and headaches. Helping you increase the value of your home is just another benefit as to why designers are an important asset. So you think a kitchen island would be a great addition to your remodeling project, but where exactly […]

Remodeling Tips

If this is your year to finally get that master bath remodeled, then congratulations! Let me just suggest a couple of remodeling tips before you give the go ahead to the professionals. Always calculate paying around 10-15% more than the original estimate. Also, assume the project will take about 1 week longer than the agreed […]

Steel Entry Doors : 2014 Highest ROI

It is hard to believe that replacing a single item in a home could have such an enormous effect on our pocketbooks. After a little research, I found that installing steel entry doors have a vast array of benefits ranging from increased home security to doubled insulation to durability. According to Cost vs. Value in […]

Window Insulation Idea

Bubble wrap for window insulation? YUP! Just wet one side of the material and stick it to the window. The bubbles trap any cold air from coming into your home during the winter months, and vise versa in the summer. The only downside is that the view from the window tens to be a little […]

Flooring That Repels Monsoon Moisture and Flooding

In the next few days, we are going to experience the aftermath of another hurricane.  After last weeks flurry of unbelievable flood damage,we need to be prepared. A good place to start is proper flooring. This is especially good if you have a basement that has potential for flooding and/or retains moisture from outside elements. The […]

There’s a Fungus Among Us! Harmful Molds

So monsoon season has continued to hit us quite massively this year.  Apparently ‘micro bursts’ have made  appearances a few times in my neck of the woods causing quite a bit of damage.   As most things, the monsoons bring the good, bad and the ugly. The heavy amounts of rain bring relief to us Arizonians […]

Ceramic Tile vs Carpet

In the summer months, many of us are looking for ways to save on cooling costs for our homes. I myself am not in the mood to clean if I am sweating and can only get cool by lounging in my office chair underneath the ceiling fan.  Here are a few benefits and downsides when […]