Contemporary, Modern and Traditional Style Designs

At a glance, it may look as though some of the features in the Contemporary, Modern and Traditional design categories are similar. In fact, there are many differences between the three, and I’m going to help you differentiate between them.

Modern  design is era specific. Usually any type of design between 1920-1970 is considered modern. Even more specifically the very popular, Mid century Modern design from the 1950’s. This type of design will generally include a great deal of simplistic choices and minimalist furniture. Straight lines, right angles and flat surfaces are all hints of modern style design. Japanese style would also be a typical example of modern design.

Contemporary design could include some of the modern qualities, but merely if it has to suffice with what is in style at this instant. This particular design style could include abstract objects, uniquely formed furniture or an unevenly constructed building. Contemporary design is a lot like being in style or “keeping up with the Jones’ ” so to say.

Traditional design is hard to confuse with any other. Its signature look of elaborate carvings, arch backed chairs and claw feet furniture, allows it to stand out from the rest. Victorian and Queen Anne inspired décor are two examples of traditional designs. This particular category conveys elegance and romance, making it a one of a kind classic.

It’s good to recognize the differences between the modern, contemporary and traditional styled designs, since all three bring something diverse to the table. I trust this has helped in deciphering one design choice from another.