Steel Entry Doors : 2014 Highest ROI

It is hard to believe that replacing a single item in a home could have such an enormous effect on our pocketbooks. After a little research, I found that installing steel entry doors have a vast array of benefits ranging from increased home security to doubled insulation to durability.

According to Cost vs. Value in 2014,  steel entry doors generated a 96.6% return on investment. That’s an 11% increase from 2013. Although these types of doors are not cheap (average around $1100), they are one of the only home upgraded that provide almost the entire return on investment.

SECURITY:    Steel entry doors are extremely hard to penetrate. Therefore, the amount of security they provide against home intrusions are priceless.

INSULATION:   Upon installation, steel doors are coupled with a polyurethane foam core which provides twice the insulation as a regular wood door. This polyurethane guarantees to keep all of the homes cooling or warming inside instead of seeping through the unprotected seems between the door frames. This means savings on electricity bills and a smile on many faces.

DURABILITY:   Because these types of doors do not rot, warp, shrink or sag, there is very little maintenance or need for replacement. This makes the life of  steel entry doors long lasting and well worth the money.

Due to it’s many advantages,  steel entry doors continue to contribute to the most important requirements in a home improvement project: security, savings and durability.