There’s a Fungus Among Us! Harmful Molds

So monsoon season has continued to hit us quite massively this year.  Apparently ‘micro bursts’ have made  appearances a few times in my neck of the woods causing quite a bit of damage.   As most things, the monsoons bring the good, bad and the ugly.

The heavy amounts of rain bring relief to us Arizonians whom have suffered through the sometimes unbearable heat waves. But the aftermath of the damage can range from a tiny leak in the roof, to ceilings or structural beams bowing from the water pressure.  Maybe it’s a problem that does not require immediate attention; but if left too long  these situations could cause some severe health problems due to the harmful molds that are left behind.

Lets discuss mold. Some are harmless while some are harmful molds that need immediate attention.

1. Cladosporium –                                          

Pepper like, Non toxic. Sometimes found in the ring of the toilet.

2. Penicillium

Green fuzz on old food, can cause gastric intestinal issues if consumed.

3. Aspergillus

Can appear after severe water damage. Produces a deadly carcinogen called Aflatoxin, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!  Can cause severe respiratory issues.


4. Alternaria

Long haired mold, settles in carpet, pipes and certain plumbing leaks, called the ‘Asthma causing mold’. Scrub with bleach and water careful to not inhale fumes. 

All of these are airborne molds and can cause respiratory issues. Be aware of the places that harmful molds can come  from and take precautions.