Ceramic Tile vs Carpet

In the summer months, many of us are looking for ways to save on cooling costs for our homes. I myself am not in the mood to clean if I am sweating and can only get cool by lounging in my office chair underneath the ceiling fan.  Here are a few benefits and downsides when it comes to ceramic tile vs carpet flooring.

Unit 171 tile

Having ceramic tile flooring could lower your air conditioning bill because it tends to keep the house cooler than carpet does. And, when I feel cooler in the summer I tend to want to clean more.

Carpet can feel good underneath foot, but it can also carry allergens, trap dust mites and stain easily. For health reasons, ceramic tile is usually a better choice.

Generally, a home with ceramic tile has a greater resale value due to its low maintenance and fire and scratch resistance qualities. Carpet can fade and has a tendency to show the most high traffic areas.

So all in all, when comparing ceramic tile vs carpet, the ceramic tile will win in every category.