Deck patio addition ranked Top 3 for return on investment renovations

So here we are in the dead heat of summer. I don’t know if you’re like me or not but my home is closed up tight to prevent ANY of my air conditioning from escaping. So what are we to do in order to not feel like we are being held captive in our own houses by the Arizona heat? One great option is a home addition. A deck patio addition It adds value to your home and could lower the cost of electricity bills.

According to Cost vs. Value 2014, a deck addition can yield an 81% return on your investment.  That’s pretty amazing considering the only items yielding a higher return are a basement and/or attic remodel and an entry door replacement. Now I don’t know about you but if I was looking for a home to purchase, I guarantee I wouldn’t ask if the attic had been remodeled recently! I want to focus on what I can see visually when I look at a home.

Ok so let’s say your backyard faces west and that side of your home is nearly impossible to keep cool. Now let’s say we add a deck patio addition with a pergola shade structure. It doesn’t have to be a ginormous patio, but the point is that the pergola will shade that side of your home AND you now have an outdoor living space to enjoy. Throw on a misting system and it’s perfect!

These are just two reasons why a deck patio addition would benefit you. A high return on your investment AND saving money on the air conditioning bill…it’s a win win!