Remodeling Trends for 2014

Looking further into what is becoming the hot thing for bathroom remodeling and other living spaces, we are moving away from the light springy colors and into the more mysterious dark tones accompanied with rustic looks with an outdoor feel.

You can actually be outdoors without really being outdoors. How you ask? Sun rooms. They are becoming hotter than a July day in Phoenix and these rooms actually can increase the value of your home.

Speaking of adding room to your home, having  bookshelves and storage space built right into the wall can really free up a ton of space. On the other hand, free standing bathtubs are really in demand right now. Instead of the bathtub/shower all-in-one structure, people are opting for the waterfall shower look also.

Colors pallets are leaning towards all shades of blues and purples along with chrome or brass accessories.

Paying a small portion for remodeling updates in order to live in a vintage style home is quite a deal. I hope these tips help you on your path to comfort living.