Stamped concrete

Great news for all of those who are tired of the old hum drum tile bathroom floors. There are now some really amazing choices and styles that have come to my attention, and I’m going to share them with you.

Have you heard of Stamped Concrete? This is a first for me too, but apparently a design of your choice can be mixed in with the concrete and the results will last as long as the concrete does! This is one definitely worth looking up.

Stamped concrete

The other one I found interesting is Pebble Flooring. Can you imagine how great that would feel to get out of the shower and feel the smoothness of  natural stone under your feet? I wouldn’t mind this all over my house!

Pebble Stone


And for those of you who have a taste for the high life, I would recommend Marble Flooring. Caution: This is very expensive….. but looks fantastic!